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Sustainable farming with horses workshop

Become an Apprentice

Farming project and organization - 7 weeks program


The essentials of using tools who are non intrusive to the environment, a divine gift given by our creator who gave it all to His children.  Humanity who took it for granted causing harm and destructions, In a small place we can reverse it one acre at the time.

Horses are a great asset for our objectives below, they are a mean for transportation, farm, carrying, pulling.



- Maintain a healthy life using self-sustainable techniques. 

  • Teach Children and adults the importance of theses techniques with includes but not limited to: The essentials of horse riding ( Horse whispering techniques, ground work, Grooming and  warm up the horses, riding and using horses for transportation), The essentials of horse driving ( Valuable teamsters techniques, Harnesses and horse preparation for driving horse with buggy.

  • The essentials of farming using Horses with includes techniques such as Ground preparation for planting : Plowing and discing, Harrowing. Fertilizing.

  • Planting and taking care of the produce, harvesting.

  • Planting of cover crop to enrich to soil.

  • Hay making using Sickle mower, Tedders, Hay rakers, Hay baler.

  • Chicken for eggs production, and meat, using chicken tractor on different place to rotate and  enrich the soil.

  • Fruit tree planting 

  • Goats, cows, sheep for milk, cheese…

  • Trees management  (cutting, harvesting)


Not only theses techniques and “savoir-faire” have been lost or getting lost, it is important to keep them alive and pass it to the next generation till the venue of the Messiah… I may be wrong but when He comes we will all be using the techniques and live in peace for eternity.




Each person living on the project may help and learn theses techniques, some may be better at some task than others and may love some task better than others, but all should be able to move from one project to another, we will be able to detect the attributes of anywhere and use it for the better of the community.

  • 1 to 2 house of (training or working) a day when not in production will increase when  to of harvesting.

    • Different task can be done by women (sowing, canning and other techniques of food preservation cheese making, bread making, yogurt making)

- uses of natural cleaning agent.

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