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Horseback riding in Florida on the Suwannee River Trails

We would like to invite you to visit us and ride with us along the Suwannee river. Discover a preserved habitat for wildlife species on the wilderness trails, hidden springs and sinkholes along the Suwannee river.

We can guide you on different trail rides close to our Facility.

  • Dragonfly Ranch Trail: Ride on 20 acres of woods and pastures. Beginners 30 minutes (*)

  • Christians Tract trail ride: Beginners  1h30

  • Sinkholes Alley trail ride: Intermediate 1h30

  • Suwannee River trail ride: Intermediate/Advanced rider 2h00-2h30

  • Charles Spring trail: Advanced rider. All day ride including lunch break by the spring:  Advanced 6h00

DragonFly Ranch.jpg

(*) We do not give lessons, we guide on trail rides. Only are allowed on trails multi-time and confirmed riders. First time riders have their chance to get acquainted with the horses.

We provide a "get acquainted ride" where the first time riders, children and beginners or non-experienced riders will be taken on a lead-rope guided ride, so that they can experiment the sensation of riding and being on horseback while we lead and guide the horse safely on a neck rope. This ride can last as long as 45 minutes.

For safety reasons, inexperienced riders will not ride on trails. 

Acting for the planet with respect for earth, human and animals. Horseback riding, trail rides along the Suwannee River in Florida.
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