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 Organization and tips


Horses are a gift of nature. We have a lot to learn from them and even sometimes they will help us change ourselves...

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We invite you to please contact us to make reservations at least a few days before your visit, so we can reserve a spot for you. We do not take more than four adult riders at a time.

We are open from Monday thru Saturday. We rest on Sunday.

RIDE SCHEDULE (by appointment only):
We schedule rides to start at 9:30 am or 2:00 pm. You are welcome to come and ride along if you have your own horse, and even spend the night in your trailer on site.

It is a good idea to come rested, not be on an empty stomach to have some energy for the ride. Please bring riding boots or cowboy boots if possible or leather shoes with a small heel.
On a practical point, we recommend that you bring water. Avoid coming in short pants as you want to be as comfortable and protected as you can during the ride. 

When we welcome you at the ranch, you will get a first contact with our horses and we will pick a good one for you.  
You will be signing a liability waiver so you get familiar with the Kentucky equine laws.
For safety purposes we do not accept children to ride on trails. All riders between 15 and 18 years of age will have to ride with parents, and will wear an approved riding helmet. We recommend all riders to wear a helmet, if you wish not to wear one we will ask you to sign a release of awareness of the risks of not having a helmet for protection.
We will give you a safety briefing and we will go for a nice and enjoyable horseback ride.

PRICING: Please contact us for more information regarding the prices.

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