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Welcome to Kentucky, 
Horseback riding in the Appalachians
Daniel Boone Forest Mountain Trails

Come ride the trails of Kentucky mountains, enjoy a buggy ride, or just spend time with our horses!

Meet our team

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Cactus Candy Chip "Candy" is a registered Paint horse. We bough her and her foal from a friend who found her at auctions. Candy was pretty skinny and did not have a lot of energy when we got her. She is a smart and gentle horse.

Count Orzel
aka Lucky

Count Orzel  aka Lucky is a registered pure bred Arabian horse. His close ancestor ORZEL++ comes from a history of champions. We have been able to trace Lucky's ancestors up to the early 1800's. Like grand'pa, Count Orzel "Lucky" was a race horse; he won a few races. Lucky probably did not have the perfect life until we rescued him; he was in a really bad shape. Today he lives happy with his family. Lucky is such a good horse!


Babe is a Tennessee Walker mix bred. A friend of ours gave Babe to us, she was not ridden much and was living without companions.

She is now ridden, she taught us a lot about horse behavior.

She is a great beginner rider horse.


Shadow is a Paint horse. Shadow is Candy's foal. We started working with him at 3 years old, and previous sustained ground work. Shadow is a great horse, smart, focused and always wanting to do his best. Shadow is your guide's horse.

Shirley Laverne

Laverne and Shirley our Halflingers driving and work team. Always ready to help and do something on the ranch.



Tiley is a Brabant Percheron draft horse mix.
She is the last addition to our horses family and is learning how to help working on the fields.



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